Is it possible to create a graph with categorical levels?

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I have this card in which every number (1-2-3-4) represents 4 possible levels of a scale (1-> Insufficient, 2-> Regular, 3->Sufficient, 4->Outstanding). Is it possible to create this card but with categorical levels so the card doesn't show 1, 2, 3 and 4 but the categoribal words?

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  • You can create a beast mode and use that in your card instead of the field containing the number.

    CASE WHEN number = 1 THEN 'Insufficient'

    when number = 2 THEN 'Regular'

    when number = 3 THEN 'Sufficient'

    when number = 4 then 'Outstanding'


    You'd replace "number" with whatever your field name is.

  • Thanks @mhouston, but the problem is that originaly it's a categorical field (Insufficient, Regular, Sufficient, Outstanding). It is to say I used the reverse beast mode of the one you showed me in order to get the numerical values that can be used in the x-axis. I am asking if is possible to use the categoricals for the x-axis somehow. 😥

  • Hi @ramoshe, for the graph you've selected, the x-axis needs to have some sort of measure field so perhaps it's better to represent that categorical levels information through another chart type (e.g. Pie chart), and the users can filter between the options based on your y-axis field.