How to combine several column into one? Pleaser see the picture

Ulzii Hawaii βšͺ️
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Hi Domo family, I've been trying to combine several columns into one long column in ETL. I tried to combine columns tier, but it combines values in the cell, not separating them. I tried to group by, but it didn't work.

Any suggestion and idea would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance 😍

This is the result I want

this is how I combined

As you see they are all combined in the cells

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  • Ulzii
    Ulzii Hawaii βšͺ️

    @amehdad sorry for taking it longer, yes, I was able to reach my wanted result, but I divided my data into separate data sets, so that was kind of annoying because, in order to stack them together, all the column has to have the same number of column, and also the same name. So I ended up changing all the column's labels (name) to stack them together.

    @GrantSmith can you give me a little bit more explanation on this (UNION)? Are you talking about merging them using joins(left, inner, right, full) ?