Displaying a single row on a card

I'm in the process of building a drill down report. At the bottom I'm looking for a single page of Column names and text.


Order #: 8675-309

Customer: Jenny

Order Date: 2021-04-07

Any help would be appreciated.


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    Another alternative is to utilize a Table card and do something similar with your three different columns and split those out into different beast modes, dropping those into your table instead. This will have a little better formatting than a text card.

    Column 1:

     'Order Number: ', FLOOR(RAND() * 10000), '\n',
     'Customer Info', '\n',
     '(Cust Name)', '\n',
     '(Street Add1)', '\n',
     '(Street Add2)', '\n',
     '(City ST Zip)'

    Column 2:

     'Tracking #: ', FLOOR(RAND() * 10000), '\n\n',
     'Customer Info', '\n',
     '(Bus Name)', '\n',
     '(Bus Add1)', '\n',
     '(Bus Add2)', '\n',
     '(City ST Zip)'

    Columns 3:

     'Inv # ', FLOOR(RAND() * 10000), '\n',
     'Deliver To', '\n',
     '(Dest Name)', '\n',
     '(Dest Add1)', '\n',
     '(Dest Add2)', '\n',
     '(City ST Zip)'

    You'll need to replace the text strings with your actual field names. Also, ignore the FLOOR(RAND()) code as I just randomly generated some numbers for testing out the visualization. You can replace that all with the column holding the respective data element.


  • Hi @FME_Cavinder, you can use a concat function to get that name and text field. For example, if your dimension is 'OrderID', then

    CONCAT ('Order #:', 'OrderID')

    This can be done for as many columns of your drill-down table report as you need.

    Let me know if you are after something else.

  • @FME_Cavinder You could also create a table card that contains the Order #, Customer, and Order Date columns. Depending on your aesthetic preference, you could transpose the columns so that the header and text are aligned horizontally instead of vertically.

  • @MichelleH Thanks for the suggestion, however I'm working with upwards of 40 fields worth of data. I'm trying to see how to condense them down into one coherent display screen. Like below:

     Order # ______     (?)  Tracking #             Inv #     Status  
     Customer Info          Pick up From            Deliver To 
     (Cust Name)            (Bus Name)              (Dest Name)
     (Street Add1)          (Bus Add1)              (Dest Add1)     
     (Street Add2)          (Bus Add2)              (Dest Add2)     
     (City ST Zip)          (City ST Zip)           (City ST Zip) 


  • The ability to have many fields displayed as a one pager is not currently available as a Chart Type. An option that comes to mind is to create a custom app, which would provide you with additional control over the visualisation experience (https://developer.domo.com/docs/dev-studio/dev-studio-overview).

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    You could get close using CONCAT and a text card and changing the font size in the General properties. You'd also use RPAD (right pad a string with another character up to the given number of characters) and the '\n' (newline) character. For example:

      RPAD('Year:', 30, ' '), RPAD('Month:', 30, ' '), RPAD('Date:', 30, ' '), '\n',
      RPAD(`year`, 30, ' '), RPAD(`month`, 30, ' '), RPAD(`dt`, 30, ' '), '\n'

    Because Domo isn't using a fixed-width font it's difficult to get all of your fields to line up properly but this gets you closer to what you're wanting.

    RPAD('Year:', 30, ' ')

    This is telling Domo to add spaces until the resulting string is 30 characters long.

    This is the result:

  • Thanks for the suggestions.

    I'm a little surprised that this had not been addressed before, but hopefully in a newer release.

    While a headache for now I might go with the table view option and see how it turns out.

    Again thanks for the suggestions.