Domo- Tableau conection.


Is there a connector or API to connect Domo to Tableau or Vice-versa. ?




  • Hi @Tsharma8724, there's currently no Tableau connector in the existing Domo Appstore, although there could be an add-on connector that your customer success rep could inform you on (albeit additional cost if it exists). Otherwise, you can look through the Appstore to connect to the native data source(s) that feeds into Tableau or look at Workbench, depending on your use case.

  • And regarding Domo to Tableau, the idea was raised a few years ago [] but it appears no action has been taken since.

  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Indiana πŸ₯·

    @Tsharma8724 - Also depending on Tableau's architecture / APIs you may be able to write a custom connector to pull data from Tableau but very likely it'll be difficult as they're competitors and don't have any incentive to allow cross product communication. Another alternative may be to write your own script using a language like python and the associated product's SDKs (pydomo / TabPy) to push and pull data from the different platforms.