Data Warehouse Summary Values

Can someone tell me what is counted as 'DOMO MAGIC DATA' in the summary metrics shown in the top right of the data warehouse screen?

I've read the documentation on the Data Warehouse page and watched the little video but it doesn't specify what that is counting. I originally thought it was dataflows so I created a test dataflow to see if it changed the value, it did not.



  • Hi @Crisocir, 'Domo Magic Data' refers to the dataflows made up from multiple 'Data Sources' (for example, Salesforce connector data combined with Excel file connector data). From these dataflows created, you get your output datasets, which makes up the 'Dataset' number tile you can see.

  • @amehdad Thanks for the clarification that makes sense!

  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Indiana 🥷

    Hi @Crisocir

    It's the number of blue cylinders displayed on the warehouse infographic. Each one represents a dataflow grouped by the types of inputs so you may have one for ODBC / Dataset via Email or Gooogle Analytics / WebForm etc. It's just grouping them by the unique input types for the dataflows.