Issue with dates in ETL

Hello everyone! So we use filters similar to this in Domo and noticed that for some reason all results are being returned. What is happening below is we apply a filter on the rule to only look at 'Y' results that should be only applications hired this year, but instead we receive everything. We are working through it on our end still but wanted to see if anyone else has noticed this odd behavior since turning into the new year? Perhaps a Domo issue?

CASE when `Application Latest Hired Date`>='1/1/2022' then 'Y' else 'N' END



  • MarkSnodgrass
    MarkSnodgrass Portland, Oregon 🔴

    I would double-check that your Application Latest Hired Date is being seen as a date field by Domo and not a text/string field. If it is not being viewed as a date field, the evaluation will be problematic.

  • MarkSnodgrass
    MarkSnodgrass Portland, Oregon 🔴

    @r4geqwit I actually was able to recreate your issue in Magic ETL. This does seem like a bug that should reported to Domo Support. However, I was able to develop a workaround by wrapping a date function around both values and then it evaluated correctly. Like this:

    CASE WHEN DATE(`datereported`) >= DATE('1/1/2022') THEN 'Y' ELSE 'N' END

    I would suggest doing something like this your ETL as a temporary fix, but also letting support know of the bug.

  • Thanks so much @MarkSnodgrass ! We will try your workaround and report the bug, thanks again!