What's the best way to clean up dashboards?

I want to see how many times a card gets an interaction. My department is hoping to clean up how many cards were created, but I don't know who is using what card, is there a way to see how many times a card is viewed and how often?

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  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Indiana πŸ₯·
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    Hi @Brad_Kempnich

    There is a DomoStats connector dataset for the Activity log which will allow you to query certain events to see when a card was last viewed. One note to this though is that it's only counted if the card details are viewed and not just viewed on a dashboard.

  • MarkSnodgrass
    MarkSnodgrass Portland, Oregon πŸ”΄
    Accepted Answer

    A good place to start is to install the Domo Stats dashboard in the Domo App Store. It will create a number of datasets that will have this type of information and it will also build a set of cards for you. There is also the Domo Governance datasets in the App Store. I would look into adding those to your instance as well. These will help you find out which cards and pages are being viewed the most.