Privacy Settings When Creating Groups

Hi, I have 3 departments within the company that will be using DOMO. I want each department to be able to collaborate and share cards/pages/data with each other. However, I want to keep data attached to the cards private when sharing cards or pages across these 3 departments. I set up 3 groups in the administration panel and will add users to each of these groups. Is this the best way to set up dividing the 3 departments while still keeping the data private? Thank you so much in advance for your help.



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    Can anybody help @elisekovi with their question?


  • This sounds like a good method.  Just remember that anyone with sufficient privileges who is shared a particular card will have access to the dataset that the card comes from to create their own cards.  I would keep an eye on the users and what cards they are creating to help both encourage collaboration and to make sure that there is privacy, probably by keeping most of the group members as editors.

  • @elisekovi, did nalbright's reply help answer your question?

  • Yes, thank you. This helps answer my question. Just one more, is there a way to hide access to the dataset when sharing cards or is that always available? Thank you very much for your help.

  • @nalbright, can you help elisekovi with their follow-up question?

  • The only way that access to the data set can be hidden is if the user in question is given only participant access.  Once someone has editor access, they have access to the data set to create new cards of their own or even to set card access.

  • Ok, thank you so much @nalbright!

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