Filter logic?

I must be missing something - I cannot find where to add logic to the filters I'm creating in the card builder.  

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  • jmo
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    @ej_jodi_k Could you be more specific? What kind of logic do you want to add? Conditions for all filters must be met for a row of data to be considered for your card. In other words, whenever multiple filters are applied they are applied with the "and" opporator by default. Any "or" logic must be handled using Beast Mode.


  • Hi all,

    Can anybody help @ej_jodi_k with their question?


  • Off topic - but when you post these 'calls for help' it takes the topic out of the 'unanswered question' category.  So if there is anyone looking through that list for something they might be able to help with, they won't see it. Just a thought.


    Also - I would've thought this would be an easy one......guess not?

  • @ej_jodi_k, can you answer the follow-up question to better assist you?

  • Thanks - yes I was looking for more than just 'And'.

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