workbench not reading column headers in excel file

When I import a file via workbench it's saying the A1 cell isn't a column header and it can't read it. Anyone have similar issue?


  • Can you share an example of the file perhaps? (make sure to obfuscate any sensitive data)

    I've heard of people having trouble uploading excel files when there are special characters in the column names. Perhaps that's what you're running into here.

  • @skyrocketdojo, can you reply to quinnj's follow-up question so they can further assist you?

  • @skyrocketdojo are you still having issues with your excel file? We run a lot of tests on excel files and have not been running into issues. If you are seeing something still I would like to talk to you so we can understand your situation and make sure we fix your issue and expand our test cases to cover your scenario.



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