How to return first 100 rows of data?

My dataset is refreshing every day, putting the newest data at the top of the dataset. I only want to chart the first 100 rows of data, the most recent. What function would I use in Beast Mode?

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  • CantStopTheHopp
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    This is actually very easy to do and does not require a beast mode. In the card builder interface, enter the number of rows you would like to display in the "Show Only" field to the left of the chart.Domo Card Builder Screenshot.png


  • Shevy
    Shevy 🟠
    The only advice I would add to the solution is to be sure you have your sort order in as it will return the first 100 (or designated number) of rows. If sorted by date, volume, size or whatever else, it will take the number of rows specified.
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  • Where is this functioanlity in the new interface?