Can I Create Variables in Beast Mode?

I'm trying to create a variable that I can reference a beast mode calculation, but it keeps on telling me "This calculation contained a syntax error".


Is it not possible to create variables in Beast Mode? Or am I just messing up the syntax?


I've tried:


set @month=1

set @month:=1

select @month=1

select @month:=1


But none of them work.


This is the first line of my beast mode calculation, and it's followed by a CASE statement.


Thanks in advance!

Best Answer


  • Shucks.


    Well, good to know, thanks.

  • You can create a first Beastmode with a case statement but if you want to call it in other calculation, you will have to use the actual formula first created, otherwise it will give you a syntax error.
  • Let's move to PowerBI where DAX easily allows you to create variables and use custom formulas inside custom formulas.. food for thought