"DOMO use" by User report

Is any way to have a report showing the DOMO use by User?

I would need to know who is using it, who is not, how much their use it, how many cards they saw, which cards, last day of use, etc.

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  • if you contact them, they have a set of canned charts (called Domo Metrics) they can deploy to your instance that has what you're looking for.

  • Hi Glriarte, We currently have "Domo Metrics" in our data sets which enable us to track everything you mention. Ask your Domo contact , their support should be able to make that available to you.
  • @DaniBoy, I'm not finding it at the moment, but I seem to recall there being an Idea submitted very early in the Dojo's lifespan requesting that a "Domo Metrics" Data Source be made available.  It might have been suggested as only having Admin level accessibility, allowing for tracking of data source, page, and card usage, as well as user statistics?  Can we locate that (assuming i'm not imagining it), might allow for some users to help vote-it-up?

  • @cmarkum Is this the idea you were thinking about?


    You can also view the oldest ideas here. There are 15 pages worth so go to page 14 then 13 if the above wasn't the one in question.


    Hope this helps!






  • @GIriarte @Godiepi Please follow the embedded link in @DaniBoy 's reply and vote up the original idea.  It's Under Review already, but perhaps we can sell it's importance and get that advanced to In Development one of these days.  Smiley Surprised

  • Thanks, I just did.