Is there a way to view the underlying query?

Is there a way to view the underlying query in an ETL?  I have an error in ETL and need to re-create it.  But in order to see the columns I've selected and which fields are used in the joins I need to open each action individually and jot down what I've done, then make the corrections.


Seems tedious.  Is there a way to view the entire selection query statement to see it all at once?


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  • Hi all, 

    Can anybody help @Jim_Medina with their question?


  • Hi @Jim_Medina the current functionality of Magic ETL does not allow users to see the underlying query, but that would be a great contribution to the Dojo Ideas Exchange. You can search existing ideas and then vote for it if it matches what you have in mind. If you cannot find it, please create a New Idea which can then be voted on by your fellow Dojo members.

  • @Jim_Medina, did sarahc's reply help answer your question?