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Hi Domo,


Is there any way to show only the top 10 nested bars from the chart below?





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  • AustinH
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    You could create a rank beast mode to sort the data by the companies you want to see. With that beast mode in the sort field you could then put '10' int he # of Rows field and that would display whatever you chose to be the top 10 categories. This method, however, would not give you a dynamic top 10, it would need to be coded to the companies you would want to see.


  • The nested bar chart does have the funtionality to limit to a certain amount of series. This functionality is based on whatever is placed in the Sort order. It appears that you're sorting this on the % value in your example. In this case, if you were to put 10 in the # of rows field in the card, it would take the top 10 colored bars in your graph, which probably wouldn't get you what you want.

  • Select the properties tab and in properties bar --> general--> select the maximum number of bars to be displayed. In my case, I set it to 15 and it showed me top 15 products pushing the rest of the cases to 'others' category.  caution: before doing this sort the graph by Descending. Hope this helps. Thank you. 

  • any example of rank in beast mode? i actually tried rank and row_number functions. didnt work. may b my syntax was wrong

  • Can't find anything in the 'general settings' properties for this.

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