Workbench v3 - Getting Error trying to import csv

I have a csv file that i am looking to import.  would seem very straightforward, has a header row, i have the file on my local desktop, i am the admin on our DOMO instance.  When i go to validate and/or preview i get the following:

[19:00:30 UTC] ==========| Running Preview |==========
[19:00:30 UTC] Opening CSV File: C:\Users\jmileti\Documents\AMA_QUEUE.CSV
[19:00:30 UTC] Encoding: Western European (Windows)
[19:00:30 UTC] Error in ReadHeader: An item with the same key has already been added.
[19:00:30 UTC] Preview Finished, rows read: 0
[19:00:30 UTC] Error, no rows were returned for Preview



is there some special ingredient that i am missing on the job construct?

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  • Godzilla
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    check to make sure yo don't have 2 columns with the same name (or 2 blank column headers).

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