Stacked Bar Chart - Sorting not working correctly

I have a stacked column chart and want it sorted by the aggregate sum in descending order, but the chart is ordering the bars in a random order. Can I reorder the bars to display largest value to smallest value?



  • Definitely! You just have to drag the column that you're aggregating up to the "Sorting" box in the top left of the card buliding interface. You then have the option to say whether it should be sorted ascending or descending and how to aggregate the column being sorted.


    Here's a link to the help center article too:


    Hope that helps!

  • it sorts using the data from the earliest period on your chart(not sure why). So if you're looking at the bars in the more recent weeks, those will not look correct. your earliest period will. 

  • @kaitah, did any of the above replies help answer your question? 

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