Subtotals on a certain row in a Sumo card?

Is there any way to choose which row to have a subtotal  in a Sumo card? Currently I can only get it to show subtotals on all rows, which isn't helpful if I have multiple rows for one date but only want a subtotal at the end of the date not at the end of each loaction.


  • Hi all,


    Can anybody help @jbandley with their question?


  • Hi @jbandley - Can you provide a snapshot of the Sumo Card settings you are using? 


  • Any chance we could get a reply to this question?

    I'm facing the same problem. 




  • Wow I am late to repsond on this. I am not able to screen shot the card due, but what I am looking for is I have a 5 row categories that goes from Month, Client, facility status, Facility, and Code (only one Code but needs to be shown).  In the current format of sumo, the facility  gets a subtotal so it give an additional total that is redundant since the subtotal equals the actual total.What I am looking for is only putting the subtotal on Facitlity status, Client and Month. I hope this makes sense and sorry for the very late response.

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