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Can I assign each series to bars and lines as I want or will the program automatically decide? Let me know how to get this done. 


I understand that I can decide how many line charts I want to see on the grouped bar chart but that doesn't seem to resolve the issue I am experiencing. 


Thanks for any help with this!

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    Ugh! thats a good question,


    I think it can be tackled 2 different ways.


    1) Use the sorting box when building your chart. follow this example below

    Screen Shot 02-15-16 at 11.34 AM.PNG

    If it does not work then

    2) create 3 beastmodes :

        a) actuals = sum(case when 'Column ABF' = Actuals Then 'Column with values' End)

                           it could be count , average or any aggregation you need

       b) Budget = same formula but  when 'Column ABF' = Budget

       c) Forecast = same as above but when it equals Forecast


    That will create 3 diferent series that you can bring into the chart in the order you prefer.


    Give it a try and let me know if that works for you


  • Yes you can, in order for it to work go to the "chart properties", Then under "General" you can specify the number of lines you want to see. Just make sure to position the series containing the values in first.


    Take a look at the image below , it shows exactly what I mean

    Screen Shot 02-12-16 at 05.12 PM.PNG


  • Thanks for the answer!


    Let me ask you this one, if I have only one column of data, and the data is categorized by another column, then how do I assign the categories to series? For example my data is in column B and I captured there forecast, budget and actuals. When comes to visualizing, how can I tell the group bar and line chart that the forecast needs to be on a line chart, while all others on a bar chart?


    Thanks again! 

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