How can I make my data set uploaded from Workbench available to users?



I just created three datasets and uploaded them using Workbench. However, they are only visible by me (Admin) in Domo.


How those can be available for other Editor type users without assigning or sharing a card with them?




  • Hi all,


    Can anybody help @ManseauN with their question?


  • Hi @ManseauN, in Domo currently the only way to for a user to have access to a dataset is for that user to be the owner of the dataset, have admin privileges in Domo, or for a card to be shared with them that is based off of the dataset. 

  • Ok, but the thing is those datasets must be shared to everyone. Obviously, they are not admin and we can only put one owner on a dataset and I won't share a card to each of the 50 users...


    What should I do? 

  • I would recommend assigning people in your instance to groups based on access needed for particular datasets. Then as the need arises to give that group access to a dataset, you just create a single card on that dataset and then share the card with the group(s). 

  • @ManseauN, did any of the above replies help you out? 

  • @ManseauN To re-iterate what others have said, the only way to share a DataSet is to build a card and then share the card with the users you want to have access to the card. This will share the DataSet and allow them to build cards and interact with the data in the DataSet.


    The recommendation of sharing a card with a group that has all users would make the management simple to the sharing of the DataSet/card. When you share the card you can opt to not send a notification to the users since the card may not be useful. 


    We are currently working to improve the sharing model for DataSets within Domo so that DataSets are shared separate from cards. 


    Thanks for using Domo and working with us in the Dojo.



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