Notebook Cards in Publication Groups

I have created a Notebook card that I put assumptions and other notes on. It is on a subpage and when I add the subpage to a publication group, the cards appear but the notebook is not visible? Are others seeing that? Is it a known issue/concern? Been searching and dont see anything so I wanted to throw it out to the group!


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    Can anybody help @Shevy out?


  • Hi, @Shevy.


    Please invite the DomoSupport user to that page and send me a private message and reference case #02035440. Please include the following details:

    • Name of the Domo instance you login to (company).
    • URL link to the page the note card is on.
    • Name of the card.
    • Name of the publication group that this page is published to.
  • Solved this - we ended up getting rid of the Publication groups as SUMO cards had an issue as well. Thanks for the offer!
  • Was there any resolution to this? Are notebook cards not available in publication groups? I am running into the same issue. 

  • Publication groups work off of the datasets that power the cards on a page, so any card that is not powered by a dataset does not show up in a publication group. This includes notecards, sumo cards, doc cards, etc.

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    Hello, FYI I found that this functionality was requested March 2017, the request # is DOMO-112028.

  • Has there been any traction on this functionality?   I'm finding today that I'm unable to provide access to notecards through publications.

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