How do I pull all excel files in a particular folder into a dataset?

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Brand new Domo user here, so I apologize if this question is pretty basic.


We have ~300+ clients upload an excel file each week using out Citix Sharefile file drop folder, which we then route into a folder based on which client it came from.  We'd like to set up a dataset that pulls in all files in a particular folder regardless of name (there is a common string in each name that we could use).  Additionally, due to HIPAA requirements we need to encrypt the data as its pulled in.


Right now the plan is to use workbench's SFTP connection and write separate Powershell scripting to rename each file as it is uploaded so that the most recent will always be named "Current" (or some similar name) - however I know there is a FTP Box connection that can pull files in based on a keyword so hopefully we can build something similar.




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    Thanks for reaching out! With your HIPAA requirements, currently Workbench will be your best option. However at the moment, there is no option to select files based on their containing string. I can submit a feature request to our Dev. team for you to have that added as a future component. 


    In addition to submitting the enhancement request, you are able to create suggestions in the Domo Dojo here:

    In this section, suggestions can be "liked" by other customers and updates will be intermittently provided about whether something will be implemented, and if so, when.



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  • For what it's worth, Workbench can interface with custom written plugins that can potentially do what you're looking for.  You'd need someone to script a plugin.


    Domo also has a "big data" development team that can either advise you or work on this kind of activity for a fee.  So you have some options at your disposal.

  • Might have to reach out to that team...


    Do you happen to know if there is a forum or listing of the plugins that have already been produced by others? working on another similar issue that would help with.

  • I have not heard of a forum or similar listing of developed plugins.  Domo's workbench squad would probably have a good idea about what they've developed and seen others develop.  It may just be tribal knowledge at this point.


    See for a tiny bit more info.


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