how can i supply dates for x axis where there is no data for that missing date?

I would like to be able to supply dates that contain no data, so that my time series is consistant 


  • Hi , I suggest asking Domo support to make a 'Calendar' dataset available for you (this if you dont have it already present as a Domo Dimensions Dataset.


    then you can create a dataflow doing a full outer join between your data and the 'Calendar' data.

    that way since your data does not have some dates present, the calendar data will have a date but null values for the rest of rows making an empty spot show up in the x axis. (in theory).


    unless anybody else in the community had been able to do it some other way.

  • This just came up here today and I do it exactly like @Godiepi.  I suggest posting this improvement to the ideas exchange.

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