Filters and sorters for tabular view

Need add filters and sorters features for tabluar view cards. it is good to have filters and sorters( like we apply in the Excel sheet) for column names so that if the data is in huge rows we can filtered out based on our requirements and even can sort data as well


  • Table cards can be sorted and filtered on the card builder page, like any other card type:

    sample table sort and filter.JPG


    Are you referring to filtering and sorting not on the card builder page but on the view page instead?

    There is a way to do that if that's what you're looking for.  For sorting, on the card view page, click on the table view instead of the default chart view:

    sample table view of table card.JPG

    This will turn on the underlying dataset view, which happens in this card type to be pretty much the same as the card.  However, this view provides sorting by clicking on the column headers:

    samlpe table view of table card sorted.JPG


    If you'd also like to filter, you can use the card analyzer:

    card analyzer.JPG

  • Aaron,


    Yes i am referring to filtering and sorting not on the card builder page but on the view page itself.

     table view  is good enough instead of the default chart view but it will not provide us filters directly(Need to use analyzer) 


    There is drawback in this: when we have to drill down to diffrent levels putting analyzer is the table view and selecting the drill data is mess, and even we can't drilldown from table view.


    So its better to provide Excel type of filters and sorters for column headers so that we can drill to any further levels and i hope its worth for users.

  • Have you tried using Sumo card tables?  Sorting and filtering works on that card type.

  • @RamuS, did any of the above replies help you out

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