Custom Sorting Using a Field (Specifically Sales Funnel)

Not sure if this is possible or not.


Basically I'm taking a a list of Sales Opportunities and putting them in a funnel by stage (Count) that way is shows how many opportunities are in each stage of the Sales Process. The thing I'm having trouble with is getting them sorted from beginning to the end vs alphabetical.


The stages I'm showing consist of:

1: Bullpen

2: On-Deck

3: 1st Base

4: 2nd Base

5: 3rd Base


However sorting alphabetically gives me 

1: 1st Base

2: 2nd Base

3: 3rd Base

4: Bullpen

5: On-Deck


The funnel should show all the lowest level things which aren't far in the process up at the top and all the deals getting closer to being signed on the way down.


Is there a way I can sort them into the order I want since no other field sorting method will make it work (I think).


If it helps this is Salesforce Opportunities Data.


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  • Awesome, thanks for the tip. Works great

  • I had similar issue, however I have a crosstab sumo card instead. And couldn't find easily how to create a calculated field in there (possibly lack of my knowledge with the tool) neither a way to create a crosstab in analyzer. So, here's what I did - 

    1. created a calculated field in analyzer, 
    2. in the calculated field, pushed it dataset (checkbox on bottom right hand side, 'Share Calculation on DataSet'
    3. Create the Sumo Card - and Bob's your uncle 

    The only thing I am not able to easily work out on Sumo Card, how do i sort on field that is hidden. Currently  the calculated field is displayed on the card. 

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