Calculate Average and Standard Deviation with missing dates in time series

When calculating the average usage and standard deviation for a list of parts based over a time series the results are not what is expected. The problem is not having a complete list of dates for each part number. I would need to generate the missing dates for each item number with a value of zero for the equations to work correctly. See attachment for better explanation. I am unsure of how to accomplish this in Domo.

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    In Domo, you could use the SQL function IFNULL(), and configure it something like this IFNULL(`Quantity`,0) so that if the Quantity is NULL then it will be replaced with a 0. 



  • Hi @buzz_boom - This is a great question, and a common challenge. To work around this in Domo, we have a "calendar" dataset that you can leverage to join against to fill in the days that are not included in your dataset. To get this calendar dataset set up in your Domo instance, you can simply Buzz "@DomoSupport" and request it. 


    Let me know if you would like any other pointers on the joining itself. 

  • Thank you for the quick response. I have a calendar that I am matching against to smooth the data already. By smooth I mean I push Saturday and Sunday usage to the previous Friday. Could you you tell me how I should be joining the data?


    My first step is to join by usage table with my calendar table by the date fields. On the calendar table there is a field called "Report Date" which performs the smoothing of weekends to Fridays. So in my example 10/29 and 10/30 would be pushed TO 10/28. See updated attachment. In Excel when this calculation is done we do a pivot table and then replace blanks with 0. I would assume a similar operation in available in Domo.

  • @buzz_boom, did any of the above replies help you out?

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    Hi LizWR and AdamT,


    I was going to help answer this question to see if this Calendar Dataset will resolve this problem as I'm facing something simular.

    Avg Number of Sales VS Avg over Week (5days).jpg


    However, this Post is pretty old (2016), just checking if anything has changed since then. Do we still need to buzz support for this Calendar ? I checked the Data Connectors area I got a handful of Domo-related  Connectors, but nothing on Calendars ... though Google Calender showed up when just searching on "calenders".


    Data Connectors - searched with Domo.jpgData Connectors - searched with Calendar.jpgData Connectors - searched with Dataset.jpg

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    Gotta love it when you answer your own questions.


    Domo Dimension Connector: updated May 22, 2020

    Has a Calendar option and a whole bunch of goodies.


    Here's the link for anyone who has gone down this rabbit hole and stuck with it.




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