Creating Percent of Total Bar Graphs

I found a nice video on the Percent of Total bar graph but when I use it I don't seem to have the same options for including various series of data as the values / goals etc.  The video shows a Actual Value data series and a Target Value data series but I don't see any graph that performs that way. 


What I'm trying to do...

I have a text column that shows whether a quality measure was 'Met' or 'Not Met'.  I want to show a bar graph of how often we met the goal as a percentage of total (met + not met).  I created a beast mode column that has a 1 for every time we Met the goal.  I created a second beast mode column that has a 1 for ever opportunity (met + not met).  What I want to do now is show my Met column divided by my Total column in a bar graph


While I'm asking - the next step is to repeat this for several measures so I can show whether Bob met quality measure 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.


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    Hi @cyork21 it looks like you might be using a different chart than what is being demonstrated in the video. Can you double check the chart type you're using? It should be a "Bullet" chart (highlighted below).





    Please let me know if this does not answer your question.


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  • Can you share the link to the video so we have a better understanding?



  • You realize this question hasn't been answered right?  The link I provided is exactly what I want to do but the control showed in the video doesn't work the same when I pick the percent of total graph in Domo.  Either I'm missing something obvious or the control changed / is broken.

  • @cyork21


    I have forwarded the thread to an internal team that manages our videos and we are looking in to this.  We will try and close the loop with you shortly.


    Thanks for your patience!


  • That's it - Thank you! 

  • Thanks @cyork21,


    We are looking to update the video based on your feedback so this point is clearer. In the meantime, if @creed solved the problem, please mark his answer as the solution by clicking "Accept as Solution" so others may benefit from this conversation.



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