How to expand a section of a card

I have a card that has a couple of outlier data points.

I need to have those points swhown in the card but it would be helpful if I could zoom in on the cluster of other points and have those axis automatically change to make the clustered section of the card more meaningful


any ideas?


  • A feature is in beta right now that will allow you to 'click and drag' over a section of the card (a trended vertical bar or line chart is a perfect example) to focus on just that part you clicked over.  It's like a drill in that you click on the top level of the card, but it keeps the axes and everything else, simply rendering just the data you want with a new axis range.  Example: if you had an entire year of data over the X Axis but just wanted to look more closely at August, click and drag over the August data points and see the card new with just August on the axis.

  • @Buddy, did @AS's reply help you out?

  • no and yes.  It tells me at this point it can't be done but it clearly is a need.


    anyway we could get in on the beta test?

  • I don't know if this is part of an open beta or not, but you can contact Domo to find out.