How to display social media posted image with that posts stats?



So how do you show the actual image of a social media post (on FB, TW, IG) with the data that coorisponds to that post? 


I even used one of the free apps for IG and FB, which is fine, but I can't figure out how to do it myself and customize it. 


So for clarification, I'm wanting to make reports (that update dynamically) for clients where they can see the top 5-10 posts (TW, FB, IG) and see that metrics that go with that post. (Reach, Egagmenent rate, CTR, etc.) I would also like to do this for their Facebook ads as well. 




  • As you can see in the IG app you downloaded, you can view web-hosted image files by using HTML in beast modes in table cards.  That includes the images of actual posts or user avatars.  Check out the beast mode logic there.

    It looks like this;

    CONCAT('<img src="', 'html link', '">').


    Your card could have a column for the image as well as columns for views, engagements, ctr %, etc.  With facebook and other ads you could add another column for cost and perhaps additional cost effectiveness columns like CPM, etc

  • Thanks that worked. I'm very green to domo. What is "CONCAT?" Is this SQL? Something unique to Domo? The same question goes for all the other beast mode functions I see in this community. I like Domo and want to use it for my clients, but I'm not sure where to begin with the function since I haven't noticed these before. 





  • Beast modes use SQL-like functions.

    CONCAT is a concatenate function that puts together various pieces into one longer string.  The Beast Mode editor has a pretty good functionality for finding and describing many other available functions, so poke around and see what will be of use to you.  In addition to functions you can do simple math operations, if-then logic in CASE statements, MIN/MAX, etc.  It can be very powerful so your beast modes can be quite simple to long and complex.