Collection card order

I set up a collection that initially showed the cards lined up in one row.  Lately, it has changed to two rows.

Any ideas on how to get it back to one row?

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  • Godiepi
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    Let see,


    Try first these steps

    1) make sure the "Lock"  icon that shows up next to the page title is in unlock mode

    2) on the far right of your page, click on the wrench icon menu and go to the bottom of the little menu that drops down

    3) there you'll see little square looking buttons that allow you to set the zise of all card in a page (including the ones inside a collection)

    4) select the 3rd option "Make all cards medium"

    5) then go back to the tittle page and click on the "Lock" icon to prevent the page from being change by other users


    note: selecting the medium size for cards, It allows 6 cards to be display in one single row (unless you change the zoom % of the window)


    hope this helps you


  • Thank you.  This fixed my problem and I learned something new.

  • I went throught the steps, and initially it did fix the problem, but I just went back in and the collection is back to showing three cards in the top row and two in the second.  It isn't holding all five in one row.  I unlocked, fixed and locked it again as you suggested.

  • it takes a little practice as Domo can be tricky sometimes. don't forget to unlock the page first, then select the size , then lock the page. add these steps at the end, hit refresh browser, see if it holds the size of the cards, then navigate to other page and come back.
  • Hi,

    I tried again, same issue.  I also tried creating a new collection and moving the cards to the new collection.  It also changed the order of the cards that defaulted to the second row.  I checked my zoom and it's at 100%.  I played with changing to a smaller zoom and it still went to two rows.  I'll have to check with my implementation specialist.  Thanks for answering quickly and trying to help me with a solution.

  • No problem, tell them also what browser you are using. I normally use firefox and It haven't had that issue for a long time. another thing you can try is to clear the cache , log off and log back on.