Third Level menu on DOMO main Page

When will you deliver on your promise of a tree tier menu for pages?


  • Can you elaborate on what you mean by a three tier menu?


  • So.. On the main page of DOMO we can arrange pages in two levels... We where told that there would be a third level. When is it due?

  • @btm


    Can you provide some insight on this pending feature?



  • I think this is a relevant question.  I was reviewing documentation:



    In the "Moving pages in the hierarchy" section on this page it states:


    "When you move pages, you are given the option to assign them as top-level pages or subpages. When you choose to assign pages as subpages, you are asked to select their new parent pages. You can select any top-level or second-level page as a parent page. (You cannot select a third-level page as a parent page because there are only three levels in the page hierarchy in Domo.)"


    I tried and don't seem to have luck assigning a page to a subpage.


    So it appears that the hierarchy is only 2 levels deep


    1. Top page

    2. Subpage

    3. I haven't had luck creating a subpage at this level

  • any news?