Beast Mode Help: Summary number to show % of transaction type

I have a dataset where there is a column name 'Ship Via Group' that contains three distinct values.  One of which, "Counter / WC" I need to show in the summary number for the card - "What percentage of orders are Counter / WC?" 


Sample data is attached, note that order number may appear multiple times because orders may have 1 or more items.


Here is the beast mode I tried, but am getting no value returned.  I'm a noob... I admit it...


(CASE when `Ship Via Group`='%Counter%' then COUNT(DISTINCT `Order Number`) else 0

END) / COUNT(DISTINCT `Order Number`)


Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance!

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  • Godiepi
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    Hi, lets fix your beastmode first to see if that gets you where you want to be. Do this instead: COUNT (DISTINCT CASE WHEN `Ship Via Group` LIKE '%Counter%' THEN `Order Number` ELSE 0 END) / COUNT (DISTINCT `Order Number


  • I have an issue that I can't seem to remedy... I have a pie chart that is displaying three different order modes.


    There are a total of 173 unique order numbers:  

    • 96 are "Our Truck"
    • 58 are "Counter / WC"
    • 19 are "UPS / MFT"

    I am focused on the "Counter / WC" piece which by dividing the values stated above is 33.5% (58 / 173).


    • PIE VALUE is Beast Mode:  COUNT(DISTINCT `Order Number`)
    • PIE NAME is "Ship Via Group" that contains the text values noted above.


    Everything checks out in the pie chart (% and value for each item), all is well.


    The Beast Mode for the summary number (which started this discussion) is overstating the count by 1 which causes the summary number and the chart value to not match.  The summary number is displaying 34.1% (59 / 173).


    Is this a bug?  I have looked at my data, and don't see any issues - there are 58 orders.


    Is there a way to subtract 1 in the Beast Mode?


  • Based on the spreadsheet with the data you attached , Can you check the order number 14178051 , it looks like that one is both Counter / WC and Our Truck.

  • @swagner, I recommend testing a slight change to the beastmode to remove the ELSE 0 statement in the numerator because the COUNT DISTINCT will actually count the 0 as a distinct value and thus inflate your top number by 1.


    COUNT (DISTINCT CASE WHEN `Ship Via Group` LIKE '%Counter%' THEN `Order Number` END) / COUNT (DISTINCT `Order Number)

  • Awesome! This works! ? Thank you!