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We've noticed that if we were to start a conversation in a card, the filters reset. For instance, if someone asks me about last month's sales on a card that is pre-set to a one week view and I bring up the month to talk about it, they would have to do the same filtering on their end in order to see the same data as me. 


Is there a way to share a view/have a conversation on a card without exporting or saving as a brand new card for the selected filters?

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  • jaredpk
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    Yes, that's the current way to do it if you aren't the owner of the pages.  However, what you are suggesting makes sense.  I could even envision an option to toggle the filters on and off.  Sort of a "current state" vs "snapshot state" concept.  If you are interested, you could submit it as a request in the dojo ideas exchange.  Users then vote on the ideas, and the product team takes that seriously.  The URL is


  • Hi there -- Temporary analyzer filters are not usually persistant on a card.  However if you set analyzer filters on a page and then as the page owner lock the page, those filters will persist for all cards on the page.  Is this along the lines of your question?  If not, please let me know some more details.

  • Unfortunately, I won't always be the page/card owner. We have multiple layers of personnel using these cards from IT support to analysts to managers, and they all want this functionality for any given card.


    The current workaround is to select the filters, save as a new card on a new page, and then start a conversation there. It sounds like this might be the best practice unless there is something I am missing? Thanks again!

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