Display decimal numbers as fractions?

I want Domo to display decimal point numbers as fractions. For instance, instead of 0.655, I want to see 5/8,  or better (without the large space below the 5):






Excel has a fraction formula for this. But I don't see that in Domo.Can Domo do this?



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    Good comment!  You know, I've never seen this and I don't think it's currently possible, but you can add it as a new post in the ideas exchange for others to upvote.  I can see how it would be beneficial to industries, like finance, who use fractions all the time.


  • Ok. Thanks for answering.


    Could you point me to any cards that show ratios, as in it takes 200 calls to net 1 sale? I have a funnel set up but its last step shows more than one at the final part of the process. I want to drive the point that take X attempts to make 1 result.

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    No one card jumps out at me right now as automatically calculating that ratio, but most of the cards can use custom calculations to get you there.


    Say you have a call center and, on average, a person might make 200 calls in a day and convert on 5 of them. Depending on the structure of your data, that ratio would look like:


    `Amount_calls` / `Amount_conversions`


    And it would display 40.  Your attempts to goal ratio.  If you have different teams, or channels, and wanted to display this ratio across those dimensions or across time, many of the card types could visualize this for you.  The ratio by team over time would be good on a multi-line chart.  The ratio just by team would be good on a grouped bar chart.  Those would be pretty classic examples.

  • Thanks Aaron. Those are good visualization ideas. Thanks for your time.

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