Filter logic

How do you filter out for a a sum a vlaues that falls below a certain threshhold? For exmaple, I have a cost per metric broken out by a number a creatives, but I only want to see the creatives who have more than 5 starts over the last 3 months. 


I have tried using my metric as the filter, I have tried writing a a case statement and using that as the filter and each time the result is the same. It leaves me with an inccorect value for my output metrics. What am i doing wrong here?


  • Hello 

    You will want to add the sum of the metric to your card.  You can then add that metric to the filter section of the card editor and select your criteria to be less than or greater than your specified value. 

  • I thought you couldnt add beast modes as a filter? When I do, I get an error that data wont load....

  • Hello

    You can add beastmodes to a filter.  Try adding the beastmode to the X axis of the card to ensure data appears in your card. As long as data appears you can also add this to your filter.

  • That doesnt seem to be the case. 


    Here is the beast mode working as a metric.


    Beast mode.JPG


    And here it is throwing an error as a filter:


    Beast Mode 2.JPG

  • Hello

    Thank you for the screenshot. Beast modes can be added to a filter as long as they do not contain an aggregation.  We have submitted this as an enhancement request.  You can also submit this idea to the dojo here:

    Another option is to build this aggregated column into a dataflow and then applying your newly created column to the filter.

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