Is it possible to move a collection in the same manner as cards?

We are redesigning some of our layouts and want to be able to move entire collections to new pages/subpages. We have not seen the ability to move a collection like you can move a card. (Go to the wrench, select move/copy, then select the page you want to move the collection and all cards within that collection). That would save a lot of time.


Similarly, if we duplicate a card we are given an option to select the page you want it to go to. One improvement that would save us some time is the ability to also select the collection as well. This would allow us to move the card without then having to go to the new page and drag the card from the bottom (uncategorized) to the collection. We think it would be cool to have the option to assign it when we are duplicating the card/page.

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    Pages, subpages, and collections can't be moved in their entirety.  You have to move individual cards.  It can be laborious.  

    So your ideas are great. Make sure you put them on the Ideas Exchange page in Dojo.   In fact, there may be a similar idea out there already.  You can search there and upvote any existing posts.


  • This can be done; Domo support has something on the back end which will allow moving and duplication of collections and pages in a way that we do not have access to (had one duplicate one page to 5 with all collections and cards within them maintained so I could edit).


    801-805-9505 is the support number (which typically gets you a much faster response than email or buzz), option 2 for a non-urgent issue. 

  • Your reply sounds rather vague.... like contact the domo administrator. All/any details are appreciated.



  • One small adjustment...In the Admin function, you can move pages and subpages. It's quite handy.

    I agree 100% that we need to be given the ability to move collections and/or the ability to select multiple cards when using the move/copy functionality.
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