Can we have a writeback functionality implemented in DOMO, similar to what we have in OBIEE?

Writeback fuinctionality is updating the rows manually in the fields while having the card in front of us. Is it possible to have this functionality in DOMO?


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    From what i can tell there are no Cards with input capabilities in DOMO, the closest you can get from my point of view is WebForms.


    Some more information here : 



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  • Also, by example, If I create a new card by webform named X using import of an existing card named Y and then I make some manual changes to the card X; would the card Y upon refreshing affect the existence of manually made changes to card X?


    Secondly, in case we make changes to the residing dataset Y while it is embedded in dataset X, would the changes to Y also reflect in the original dataset Y?



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  • Only the Webform datasets and the cards connected to it are afected by the changes.


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  • But the issue is that I need to update the webform dataset manually on a regular basis, is that possible? Or only the manual entry is possible once and that too at the creation of the dataset?




  • You can edit the webform dataset whenever you want to.


  • And how do you share the webform so that the other person can update it manually too? I do not see a share option within the webform.


    Please note that I do not want the card(based on the webform) to be shared  but the webform itself.




  • I think that is not possible to share a WebForm as Card. The only way i can see someone editing it is through the DataCenter.


    Maybe you can take into account using a googlesheet as a origin for a dataset, this way everyone with access to that sheet could edit it!


    There is a Native google sheet connector in DOMO.


    Some more info on this:

  • How can we manage the permissions within the datacentre. Also, how is the personalised permission option (attached as a screenshot ) different?




  • I think the datacentre visibility is linked to the type of user:


    As for PDP see please :


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  • Let's say I have a weform with columns A to L. Columns A to I are a result of the dataset embedded and I amually create columns J and K. Is there any method to freeze column A to I so that the user doing manually entry into column J and K do not have the ability to change the columns of the embedded dataset?




  • On my pages where I have webforms that I want people to update, I include the following instructions in a notebook card:


    To Add/Edit content:
      - Click Wrench
      - Select "Connect / Update Data"
      - Select "Edit Webform"
      - Make Changes
      - Save & Continue
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