Is there any way to create a burn-down chart? (previous data is not stored)

is there any way to create a burndown chart?

- Having in mind that the previous data is not stored in the database and the data is only reflecting the current status but a burndown chart needs previous data calculations to be somewhere to create an estimation of the scope


Example of burndown chart (database has always today's data only)



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  • Hello, 

    You can create a recursive to achieve this, but your history obviously wouldn't back-fill.  


    Recursive query process:. 

    1.  Create Magic ETL, using your input dataset, and creating an output dataset.  

    2.  Save and Run.

    3.  Add a new input dataset and configure it to use the output dataset which just got created.  

    4.  Fill in the middle so that the new rows from your dataset are appended to the existing output.  


    The key here will be ensuring that you don't end up appending today's data over and over again.  The specific setup of this will depend on the structure, content, and update frequency of your daily dataset.  


    Searching "Recursive" in any of Domo's help pages should find you additional info, but I'll keep an eye out for questions. 




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