How do I get Domo to automatically pull in Excel data?

I have data in several Excel spreadsheets, which are updated every day. How do I get Domo to automatically pull in this data? At the moment I can only see how to manually update (with the option to be prompted every day to update). Given there are several sheets, all of which feed into dataflows which run first thing in the morning, it's not practical for us to manually update.


Any solutions/workarounds would be much appreciated!

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  • RGranada
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    I think if you need to schedule an excel or CSV  file upload and the file is on premises you should use workbench tool to do it.


    It 's pretty straight forward to use i think. You can download it at the Tool Downloads on the Admin Settings page.


    Here's a good link on workbench:



    Don't hesitate to ask if you need help setting this up.


    Hope this Helps.


  • Hi,


    What connector are you using to upload the excel files?



  • Just the Excel connector, but happy to try others (for instance, a .csv would be fine)

  • Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for.