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Working with a table and attempting to change the color/format of "Column A" based on the value of "Column B" .  I understand that I am able to change the format of the entire row or only Column B based on Column B's value, but not one specified column.  Are there any settings in "Chart Properties" that I am missing?  Or, perhaps, there is a Beast Mode to work around this?  Thanks in advance for any help. 

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  • RGranada
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    I think that you have to go with the old method of HTML injection in this case.


    Try this beast mode for Red BackGround:


    CASE WHEN `ColumnA`='ColumnB' THEN
    CONCAT('<div style="background-color:#fcbcb7; width: 100%; height:100%; margin:-20px; padding:20px"><a href="#">', `ColumnA`, '</a></div>')




    Change the background-color: to the desired colors, you can also use other HTML attributes. 


    You can get your HTML color codes from this site:


    Hope this helps. Don't hesitate to ask in you need further help.


  • @RGranada

    I have a new wrinkle to add to this problem.  I would like to create a card that has one row for each account.  Then I want to have a separate column for each of several different products.  The trick is that I then want to be able to format the color of the values in each column based on the competitor name.  


    I have tried this by using the following beastmode:

    WHEN `Product Group`='Product A' THEN

    WHEN `competitor_name__c`='Competitor A' THEN
    CONCAT('<div style="background-color:#7EAEFD; width: 100%; height:100%; margin:-20px; padding:20px"><a href="#">', `Product Group TAM`,'</div>')
    WHEN `competitor_name__c`='Competitor B' THEN
    CONCAT('<div style="background-color:#00FF00; width: 100%; height:100%; margin:-20px; padding:20px"><a href="#">', `Product Group TAM`,'</div>')

    (... continued for a number of competitors, but you get the idea)
    ELSE '0'



    I then repeat this beast mode for `Product B`


    The issue is that when I put these beastmodes on the table card, I am getting multiple rows for each account name.The orange box is for one account, I want this on one lineThe orange box is for one account, I want this on one line

     Any thoughts on how to accomplish this?

  • @ST_-Superman-_

    Can you wrap each of your product columns in a single MAX() function (ie MAX( CASE WHEN `Product.... END) ?  That's what I've done in SQL in this kind of circumstance before and it's worked.


  • PacoTaco
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    Nice solution, however the code will show if you try exporting the data.


    I wish there was a conditional formatting solution built into the card design that would allow this natively so the data in the card itself wouldn't need to be manipulated.


    We have a use case where we need the output to remain valid/exactly as it is but would like to alert/call out potential issues with the data by highlighting them on the card before someone tries to export it.




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