Show a total for all records, not just filtered ones

I have a list of open Customers (based on a status field that I am using for a filter in the Card). I want to show total Sales for All Customers (even closed ones) but if I add a filter, I only get the total for those records filtered. Is there any way to do this?


  • Hey Jim_inx,


    I think I might need some additional detail to give you a good solution to this problem. Are you hoping to show Open Customers total sales alongside all customers total sales? 


    The short answer is that filtering at the card level will filter your values. Using beast mode, there are ways to get around this, but it would help for me to know your final destination so I can help you get there. 



  • For each Client, I have Total Loan Outstanding and Total Amount Funded (we are a lender). Some Clients are no longer active, so we don't want to see them on a Card but we do want to see the Total Amount Funded, regardless of status of the Client. 


    Ideally, I would urge the business people not to mix data view (either current Client or not) but I lost that discussion so want to provide an option. SIngle summary number of SUM (Total Amount Funded) for all Customers, regardless of status.


  • I am looking for a similar solution. I want to show the filtered and unfiltered totals on the same graph. What's the workaround in Beastmode.

  • The only way i've been able to do this is by adding another column in the dataset that provides the total. you want the total to be at the same granularity as your card. So if your card is going to show weekly totals make sure your total column is weekly totals as well. When adding it to the summary number, you probably don't want to sum up this column. 

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