Is there a way to import org data or is it manual setup only?

I want to create and populate the org chart in Domo but I don't want to have to maintain this manually.  Is there a way to automate this via connector or data source?


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    Can anybody help @anotherdatageek with their question?


  • Thank you for your question. Currently, setting up organizational data in Domo is a manual process. This suggestion would make a great enhancement request to our Development team. Can you provide us with more details about the organizational data you would like to import and have available in Domo?


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  • @anotherdatageek, can you answer andrewnemrow's follow-up question to better assist you? 

  • Ideally I would like to me able to connect to our HR system, which in our case is SuccessFactors and bring in org chart and contact data (email, phone, Viber, etc..) 

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  • This looks to me like you want a Custom Data Connector rather than importing Profile information into Domo. Your company is able to do this by navigating to and creating a Custom Data Connector. This page will give you instructions to get started. If you have problems creating the connector you need, then please open a Support ticket by emailing [email protected] and giving details on the problem.

  • @anotherdatageek, tagging you in case you haven't seen andrewnemrow's latest response. 

  • Did you ever figure out a way to do this?