Run Dataflow on specific rules

I have a dataflow that brings in 2 datasets and provides an output that does a reconciliation of them.


The 2 datasets are updated daily but only change once a month - usually on different days.


I would like to be able to only run this reconciliation dataflow when both datasets have changed to the next month. 


Is there way of having a rule to specifiy if the dataset passes the rule run the ETL otherwise dont run.  Currently it appears I can only specify to run the ETL when the input datasets are updated which does mean that when one dataset has moved to the next month the reconciliation file is meaningless.


  • Is anyone able to help out with this request?

  • Hello!


    At this time, Dataflows can only be triggered by the rules you mentioned, when either one or more of the datasets updates, or it can be run manually. 


    This would be a great Enhancement Request. You can submit those using the Feedback button inside of the Main Menu in your instance. 


    Also, here is a link to our FAQ concerning Enhancement Request processing, and how to submit feedback inside of Domo:


    You are also able to create suggestions in the Domo Dojo here: In this section of the Dojo, customer suggestions can be "liked" by other customers, and updates will be intermittently provided about whether something will be implemented, and if so, when. 


    Our product team reviews every enhancement request submitted.




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