Pulling PNG Images into DOMO using FTP server calls via SKU keys



I have sales data with product information that aligns with our PNG files names inside our ftp server, where all our images are stored.  Is there a beastmode where it will populate an image to the table view through calling the ftp, using credentials and some sore of concat(key in below examples) of the data's attribution?  Here is an example of the data and I would like an image to show in "image" for any product that has a matching file in our ftp folder.

IMAGEKEYStyle#Color CodeREV $


Here is an example of both our http and ftp links and I would need to embed the credentials in the beastmode I assume?  My HTML isn't the best so hoping someone here can take me to the promise land.


  • Hi @DMJerry,


    I have to preface this response with the disclaimer that I don't know if this solution will work, but I found this https://www.cs.rutgers.edu/~watrous/user-pass-url.html that references storing ftp credentials in a URL. So you may be able to put the username and password in the url with your nested HTML to display the image and it MIGHT be able to show the image from the ftp site. 


    Hope this is helpful, best of luck!

  • Thanks you @PodiumMason!


    I'll check it out and let you know.  

  • Hi, 


    I was curious the rest of the code to pull that image into DOMO using the keys within the data to call.  I'm still digging in and hoping someone will have an example of the code, using my example, that I can test/use.


    Appreciate all the help.

  • @DMJerry I found this in the Instagram quickstart for hitting an image stored at a publicly accessible URL. If you're able to get the credentials stored and concatenated to your image ftp URL, I don't see a reason why this wouldn't work:

    In your Beast Mode calculated field:


    CONCAT('<img src="',`images_thumbnail_url`,'"></>')


    The images_thumbnail_url would be the working FTP picture link.