Ability to Group by a Logical Column across multiple dimensions


My use case is I want to build a card based on 3 Dimensions, 

1- Account,

2- Solution Play (tagged to the Opportunity)

3-Logical grouping (Engagement Stages). 

Engagement Stages (Grouping)Logic
Consideration (C)If an Opty exist in Stage 0, Stage 1, Stage 2
Negotiation (N) If an Opty exist in Stage 3, Stage 4
Vendor Selection (VS)If an Opty exist in Stage 5
Closed Won (CW)If an Opty exist in Stage 6 and contract booked


I would want a report like,

Target AccountSol Play1Sol Play2Sol Play3Sol Play4
Bank of AmericaC,NC,CWVSVS,CW



Bank of America has an Opty In Stage 1/Stage 2 (consideration -C)across Sol Play1, Sol Play2.

Bank of America has an Opty In Stage 3/Stage 4 (Negotiation-N) across Sol Play1

Bank of America has an Opty In Stage 5 (Vendor Selection -VS)across Sol Play3.

Bank of America has an Opty In Stage 6 (Closed Won-CW)across Sol Play2 and Sol Play4.


The grain of the data is at Opty Level(Opportunity ID).


I'm wondering how to build my card.





  • One question on your data. For the 'Solution Play' dimension, is this a variable for each account or does each account have the same number of solution plays?

  • The data is at Opty Level, and the Opty is tied to an Account and a Solution Play. So basically a Solution Play is tied to an Opty. There are totally 18 Solution PLays in all.

  • This is how I would reccomend building the card.  1.png



    This allows you to see the total number of opportunities (by engagement stage).  You can also use the quick filter to select specific solution plays.  I added total opportunity value as the summary number.


    I think this is a better visualization than a table with 18 columns (one for each solution play).


    Just my 2 cents.  Is this data going to be consumed looking at each account individually?  or would you be looking accross all accounts in a territory?  

  • If it's going to be accross multiple accounts, I would do a stacked bar instead:2.png




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