New User: Calculated Field Sum Error; Cannot find resolution documentation

This is an elementary function, and I appear to be doing it correctly, yet I cannot get the correct outcome. I am using beast mode to add a calculated field, which combines the value of 2 raw data fields. However, the calculated field, no matter what I do, always returns blank values instead of a calculated value. What am I doing wrong here? See screenshots of data table and calcuation. 


The calculated field is "Club Access Revenue," which results from adding the "cash" and "credit" fields. Row 1 should equal 22, row 2 rhould equal 22, row 3 should equal 20, etc. But they're all blank.

Best Answer


  • Hi,


    Try this :


    SUM(IFNULL(`cash`,0) ) + SUM(IFNULL(`credit`,0) )


    Hope this helps, tell me how it goes.



  • Thanks for the input. That formula gave me the result of 22+0=924. So, still trying to figure it out. Thanks.

  • What does that data look like under this beastmode?  There must be multiple rows of data for each CheckIn.  If you use the aggregate SUM() function, it is going to total them all up, not just that one row.  

  • This worked. Thank you so much for the help!