"An issue has occurred" When try to change the date range in Analyzer



For all my cards, I am not able to change date range in the analyzer. The only date range I could use is "All Time", and if I selet any other date ranges, the error message wil show up. 



Is there something wrong in my settings?

Thank you so much!


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    I think your issue is the format of your Date Field.  In your data flow, you want use the function "Set Column Type".  Set your Date column to a date format.  This is how the analyzer will recognize the field as a date.  I am providing a screenshot of the setting I used for one of my date fields.  


    I hope this helps!  If it does, please mark it as a solution.  ?


    Date and Time.png


  • Agreed @DataMaven 


    Good catch.  Domo will display the data type next to the card when building a card.  A string field will have a "T" and a date field will have a calendar.1.png



    If you don't want to fix from inside a dataflow, you could use a beastmode to change the data type for this card:2.png



    You can also use DATE_FORMAT().


    Here is a knowledge base article on date formats.


    Good luck @user006658  Let us know if you have more questions.

  • @user006658 - Did adjusting the format fix your issue?  If so, please mark my message as a soution.  Thanks!

    @ST_-Superman-_ - Thanks for adding additional context!  ?

  • Thank you so much for your help! ? And the link you shared is really useful! Thanks!

  • Yes, it worked out! Thank you so much!


    Just a quick related question - after the date range was fixed, I start to have a date aggrefation problem. For example, when I select "this quarter", instead of showing 3 bars (Jan, Feb, Mar), it gives me this x-axis:


    Do you have any thoughts on how to fix this? Thank you so much!


  • make sure the 'Group by' is set to Month.

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