Dashboard Maintenance at scale - six sub-pages, 100 cards, one publication group.

I manage a dashboard for my client. My client has access to the dashboard via publication group. My client has access to a dashboard via publication group. The client has six marketing programs. Each program uses the same marketing channels. We need to report on the marketing performance for each program, and so we have six sub-pages (one for each program).


Each sub-page has collections which report on Email, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Adwords. Each collection has 5-8 cards, for a total of ~20 cards per sub-page and ~100 cards for the entire dashboard.


What is the most efficient way for me, the dashboard owner, to manage and maintain these six sub-pages with 100 cards?


Example use cases for the dashboard owner:

  1. I need to change the drilldown for the Open Rate card.
  2. I need to change the axis title for the LinkedIn Conversions card.
  3. I need to add a new card to the Facebook collection.
  4. I need to add a new Related Card for the Email Deliver Rate card.
  5. I need to add a quick filter to every card in the Email collection.

In each of these cases, I want to make the change once and have it propogate to the same cards on each of the six sub-pages. How can I do this?



Attempted Solutions:

1) Page-level filters: I created a template of my collections & cards. Then I used "Move / Copy" to copy the card to each of the sub-pages. The idea being I could just change the template and it would automatically propogate to the sub-pages. Page-level filters would be used to sub-set the data for a single  The sub-setting of data for each sub-page was done with page-level filters. This approach fails because page-level filters cannot be pre-defined for publication groups.




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    That's a really great question and I'm interested to see what the community can come up with for you.

    Here's a thought I had.  Set up one page with full access, and set up six publication groups, one for each program. Each access group will be customized to each program. One page controls everything, but essentially six views on the page are created.  Would that work?  I haven't tried that before but it seems like it might.

  • Hey Aaron, thanks for the idea!


    With six publications groups, would my end users need to log in six times? That would not be a suitable experience. The end user should be able to log in once, and have access to six sub-pages (one for each marketing program).


    Further, some programs will need custom cards that are not relevant for other programs. Not sure how we could manage those one-offs with the Single Page - Multiple Publication Groups approach. 

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    You're welcome.

    You know, I'm not sure about your first question.  We don't have external users with our publication groups, but it very well could be what you're wondering.  I suggest trying it out with a demo user on a single extra page and seeing what happens.

    About different cards on different pages, you're really talking about a different page, then.  You can't customize content but keep the same page URL.  Publication groups will only help with the page access and row level security, not card visibility on the page.


    You'll need different pages for different content, but you could copy the common cards across all six pages to control those more efficiently. Then try six publication groups.