Alert Not Showing Same as Card is built

My card is a heatmap card with a row for different accounts and columns for the last 12 months of data grouped by month.


I have an alert set on it so that if any accounts most recent month of data = 0 to alert on that.


However somehow when the alert triggers I get results from the same account multiple times.


Example (What I expect to get):

  • Account 1: Previously 900, Currently 0, Change -900
  • Account 2: Previously 3010, Currently 0, Change -3010
  • Account 3: Previously 400, Currently 0, Change -400

Example (What Domo says):

  • Account 1: Previously 450, Currently 0, Change -450
  • Account 1: Previously 200, Currently 0, Change -200
  • Account 1: Previously 400, Currently 0, Change -400
  • Account 2: Previously 3010, Currently 0, Change -3010
  • Account 3: Previously 300, Currently 0, Change -300
  • Account 3: Previously 850, Currently 0, Change -850


I'm not sure if the values themselves are summing up to something specific but unsure why I get multiple rows of the same account when the card is built to only show one row per account because the value of the box is a Summed value from a calculated field 




  • Is anyone able to help out with this request?

  • Hi,

    I have been playing with alerts a lot recently, it is a tricky beast to understand. But as a FYI, alerts get triggered when the dataset loads/reloads. 

    I am not sure what the issue could be here as it depends on the dataset. But, if you are using a beast mode to sum the values of the calculated field then i think that could be the issue as to why you are seeing multiple lines for the same account. 

    Let me know if that is not the case.

  • I know that Alerts have the option of being triggered based on the dataset being updated however on this card alert specifically I had it set for the last day of the month, and the never shows multiple rows for the same account...seems fishy. 

  • Oh! So if its the last day of the month, i think it shows you the changes that gradually made the number what it was when the alert is set to trigger. Do you think that could be the case? Like i said its a little tricky to understand whats going on if you dont monitor it between 2 alerts.


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