How to change the data labels in the legend and chart

I don't want the percent values on my pie chart and legend to have any decimals. In "General" I changed the Value Decimal Places and Percent Value Decimal Places to "None" but that only changed the hover labels. Is there a way to change the auto-generated percentages to only display whole numbers?


  • Under the Chart Properties -> Legend section you'll want to set 'Display in Legend' to 'Value'


    You'll also want to go to the Hover Legend and check the 'Hide Percent Value' box.



    That should be all you need.


    Let me know if you have any other questions,



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  • @Valiant - I think she wants to get rid of the decimal places, but not the values.  


    @user07401 - I have managed to get rid of decimal places in the chart and the hover, but not the legend.  I think for the legend portion, you will have to follow ValiantSpur's advice and remove them.  


    Make sure that in 'General', the value format is set to 'Number'.  I am not sure if that will make the difference, but sometimes Domo is finicky about format specs.  


    Percent Formats.png



  • I am having the same issue - is this a feature that could be added?

  • I'm sure that if you write it up on the ideas exchange and tag each of us, we will drop some likes for you.  That's the best way to get attention to it.  

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